13 Aug 2014 23:20

Dream The Second Wave is Fire

I had a strong dream in my sleep with very strong and vivid colors that i believe to be warning of the future.

In my dream i was looking to the distance in an industrial city covered by trees. It was a dark and still night when i saw a large plane fall from the sky. 
 I could see that i was in my old room and i saw an explosion in the distance of the plane. I knew it looked similar to the 911 attacks on the world trade center. 
After the explosion there was a very large blast sound followed by smoke and debris which came to my window.  
It was after this time i went to another room in the house to an open door. I knew that people were asleep in this house. When i looked through the door i could see a large fire wave moving towards my direction. I screamed out so everyone could hear me and i said " Second Wave " 
I then saw the wave and it was a wave of fire. 
I believe that my dream is a warning of another 911 style attack that will hit America in the near future. The first wave was an explosion of the towers followed by dust and debris. The second wave will be a wave of fire. 
This could be a warning of large fires in American city's caused by riots during the economic collapse soon to com upon our nation. What ever the meaning of the fire is we need to prepare ourselves for the coming days during the tribulation and the end of the world.

My Dream of the End of the World Timeline to the Mark of the Beast 666

 In 2008 i had a dream from the lord about future events in my life until the 7 year tribulation, the mark of the beast 666 and the end of the world. 

I was running down the road away from a dark storm. I saw homes along my path. 
I turned to the right and started to run to a tree in the park. This tree had a big hole in the side. There where other people running away from the great winds behind me. 
I ran inside the tree for protection and a large tornado blew across the park and almost took me with it. I held on inside the tree until it went away.
When the storm was gone i ran back to the road i was on an i knew that when i got to the corner of the road ahead of me it would be the year 2018. 
I turned on that corner to the left on 2018 and i saw hundreds of empty rusted cars in a traffic jam all the way down the road. 
I then turned to the left at the end of the road it was at this time i new that i was in the 7 year tribulation.
Half way down this road i saw a line of people choosing to take the mark of the beast 666 to be able to get a job to work. It was at this time i looked behind a door and saw a spirit of a woman who had not taken the mark and it was located in a dumpster room.
At the end of my dream i could remember the path i took and it was in the shape of a 6.

My path along my dream is a time line of events centering around the year 2018. Before this time around the year 2016 there will be a large tornado event which will effect many people that i believe may involve financial crisis of some kind.

It is at this time i will seek protection from the tornado. After the storm which ends at 2018 i will then see a traffic jam of old empty vehicles of people which will never fulfill there destiny. This may be caused by war or financial hardship until around the year 2025 which will begin the 7 year tribulation.

It is at this time that I will be required to accept a mark of the beast 666 to get a job or be arrested and killed in some way.

Dreams and Visions Time line of the Future and the Destruction of America

I have had personal visions and dreams from the lord that have shown me the destruction of America and the time frames of my life and events until the tribulation. Each dream has been given with a clear interpretation and with a standard of color and importance. This must be taken as only one of the many witness of the sudden and complete destruction of America after a global economic collapse around the year  2020. The Tribulation may begin within 10 to 15 years but with all hope i believe there will be more time left.  

Dream 1  The Destruction of America 
I had a dream of the destruction of America before the creation of this blog.

I was standing near a water fountain and from the sky the hand of the lord came down and filled a golden cup with the water of the fountain. I looked at the cup and i saw Jesus dieing on the cross. When i saw this i saw a ship come from this cup and sailed to a map of America across the Atlantic Ocean then it sailed across America itself in the air.
The ship then left a tail of fire which stretched across 2 3rds of the land of the United States filled with fire from the Mississippi river to  the west coast of California. but the east coast was covered by sea.

The Interpretation
The cup represents the drink that America must take and it is filled with the persecution of the cross. There will be an invasion of America by sea. This attack will burn America with fire from coast to coast but after the invasion the sea will cover the majority of the east coast.

Make no mistake America is Mystery Babylon in Revelation ch 17 and 18 and will be judged by fire at the end of the tribulation.

Dream 2 The Collapse of the Economy  
I had a dream of events in the economic collapse of America that will come.

I was in the back of a plane walking to the front of the plane away from coach. Were the curtain should be in first class there was many pipes. When i reached first class i saw the front of the plane as a large auditorium filled with people. It was like a movie theater showing all the high places seen from the plane. There was a man talking with them announcing the arrival of new 3d technology but this man was just a projection from the controls of the pilot.

I then walked to the left and rose above a dark pool of water down a hall way to a room right above the movie theater. I found myself looking in the room above the movie theater  with another at three pilots and there operation of the plane.

We were not flying at all, the movie was a lie they new we were just parked ready to fly. The first pilot was a sleep the second was looking at me and the third was a sleep to.
We then started to fly and from the look of the 2nd pilot he abandoned ship in a ship capsule and from that moment a demonic creature came from the ground and the plane started to roll wing tip to wing tip.  It was a large enormous plane that covered the land down a river. This plane was destroying everything even large trees that rose to the sky and people were falling from this plane to homes.

The Interpretation 
This represents he control of the elite related to the collapse of the economy.

The plane represents sets of classes of wealth in this nation and its control over the people and its relative technology. I began with coach class the middle class and its old technology.  I then moved to first class and i found  a large number of people and there development of new technology in the 3rd dimension. This was a large show that was allowed to be shown by the super rich elite which controls this country represented by the space like controls they were behind.

The Three pilots represent 2 whistle blowers of the hidden  financial system by Lindsy Williams of the current elite. Just before the economic collapse the super rich elite will escape with there money to a foreign nation and America will be controlled by a demonic entity. 
There will be an economic collapse that will  spin the rich and the poor alike and people will loose all there wealth. People will seek the safety of there homes in rural land away from this control. I will grasp new knowledge  and share it to the people.

Dream 3 Slavery in America 
I had a dream of the state of slavery in America and the economic crash.

I was in a school hall way and i walked into a large auditorium filled with kids. The walls of the auditorium were holding tons and tons of piles of gold and all of it was being kept from the children and all of it came from the college tuition's each child had to pay when they got older.
Behind one wall was a group of old men that resembled JP Morgan. These were Bankers controlling this room in secret. One of the walls crashed a large hole and i ran out of that wall and some others ran along side of me but they were in a car and looked with happy glee in there face. 
When i got out of the building into the street i pushed a rack down to stop traffic and ran away. But there was one man who look in my direction and he worked for General Motors. 

The Interpretation 
This represents the path of a slave in America.
The child is sent to school and when he reaches age he must pay a collage tuition to get out of the room. Each person must pay all there tuition to the bankers which control the world by there absolute wealth. Trillions of dollars are being horded away from these children.
The crash in the wall represents a soon coming economic collapse of the economy and none of it touched the money. When this happens i will soon try to escape by moving away. 
The man from general motors represents a high unemployment rate in American workers after they have paid there tuition. 

Dream 4 After an Economic Collapse a Dirty Bomb in America 
I had a dream of the next attack on America after an economic collapse. 

I was in a large auditorium filled with people and i was ready to draw with colors in my hand.
Then suddenly from the side of the room there was a crash in the wall and all the people escaped from the room. They ran into large green pastures filled with golden hummer cars. I slowly ran towards there path and from the auditorium approached a banker that looked like JP Morgan. He was angry that they all ran away and from his hand he threw a green stone into the floor and green smoke engulfed everything and reached all the people. Then every one was put to a deep sleep and awoke in the room again but the wall was fixed. It was like a large jail cell.

The Interpretation
The large room represented the economic bondage of the people. There will be an economic collapse of   the economy represented by the crash in the wall. After the economic collapse people will turn to Gold and seek wealth and rural land. After the economic collapse the hidden bankers that do run this country by there money will instigate a terror attack by a false flag event. This attack on America will be a dirty bomb releasing green radioactive material. This event will justify radical changes in our government that will once again try to captivate the people into submission in a new economy.

  Dream 5 The Time of collapse
I had a dream of the rough time frame of the economic collapse of America

I was driving in a 4 door golden hummer when i got out and ran.
I was running down the street along side my work friend at walmart when at some point i turned to the right. I went into a warehouse and ran into a 3 door golden hummer. I waited until 3 large tornadoes appeared before me and killed 3 people one of which was a white woman in a 2 door golden hummer. I then turned to see a large tornado moving towards me.

The Interpretation
My dream represents events in my life which will make me aware of the time of the economic collapse represented by many tornadoes killing many people.
time 1 is the year 2010 in which i did take on 2 extra jobs representing a 2 door hummer.
time 2 is the year 2013 in which i did move on from my friend as he may retire in June of 2014.
time 3 is this year 2014 in which i am working to take 1 extra full time job which will help me gather money into the stock market for a 2nd income which will help me  start a home business as a 3rd income represented as a 3door hummer which may be completed by the end of the year
time 4 is the year 2015 onward which consists of  3 tornadoes killing 3 people in the manufacturing area in which will kill a woman who has 2 jobs at which point around the year 2018 i will need to take financial measures to protect myself from the economic collapse.