09 Nov 2008 00:13
Bob Neumann
Om at give + Tiende

Muzzle The Ox?

For years i have listened to men and women speaking to the assembly/congregation give explanations why giving to them in the "love offering" is a rightious act. Many will allude to "blessings" that would come to those who give "joyously". Some will refer to the PARABLE of THE SOWER, and allude to returns of 30, 60, 100 "fold" for those who "gave". Now i always wondered if i was going to be a 30, 60, 100% return. Did it work on the AMOUNT, or the ATTITUDE? Seeing that THE LORD never voluntiered an answer i let it go.

Years ago i "found" the Dr Gene Scott that Stephen has spoken of. Now one time i heard Dr Scott say, if you went to a resteraunt and ordered a 5 star meal you would expect to see a "BILL" that mirrored the quality of the food you got. And you would pay the "CHECK". And probably leave a big tip. Then he looked at the camera and if you got any spiritual food out of what he was teaching....didn't he at least deserve a tip? Think about it...

Zola Levitt for years has mentioned paying wherever you find yourself being fed. But he never asked for a tithe, just "help" with his ministry.

And i respect the requests. Sometimes Dr Scott made it a challenge. He would ask if you could find better teaching...go there. Your choice...which burger place you like better...Wendy's or Hardie's....GO THERE... But Gene and Zola never "DEMANDED" payment. And that is how many "pastors" come across when teaching on THE TITHE.

Now i attended a AOG church that had an anual meeting that discussed the running of the church and how the "money" had been spent. What bothered me was the reluctance to tell the congregation how much was actually paid to the "PASTORAL STAFF". Once i was crazy enough to question what exactly was "paid". Then i asked about benefits....perks...

All of you can imagine what happened...right...THE PASTOR got up, straightened his suit and quoted 1Tim5:14...For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer [is] worthy of his reward.

I agreed, in Deut 25:4 in mentions the OX and the corn. But i did not remember anything about a labourer's reward. Now Deut25:5 mentions if your brother dies and his widow is childless you are required to father her child. I did not ask whether he anticipated that....i did ask what he thought his "labor" was actually worth.

My final comment was that maybe "our" OX was living too HIGH OFF THE HOG. You all can imagine how well "appreciated" my thoughts, questions, and comments were.

Now in scripture the "TITHE" of the OT had numerous purposes. At least that was the intent. Take care of the TABERNACLE/TEMPLE. Feed and cloth widows and orphans. Which was okay when the TITHE was paid in grain and livestock..... everybody got taken care off.

Over time most people did not send wagons of grain and flocks of sheep and cattle to Jerusalem...they sent coins...CASH....many poor people still sent small amouts of grain and livestock...and it fed people. BUT SOMEONE HAD TO TAKE CARE OF CASH...SO, into the NEED stepped the PRIESTS AND LEVITES.

Do you really know why JESUS went postal in the TEMPLE? Why,,,the PASTORS will tell you of the WICKED MONEYCHANGERS...THOSE WHO SOLD...


People came to THE TEMPLE all the TIME...and made SACRIFICES. In the Book of Acts on Pentacost JEWS from all over THE ROMAN EMPIRE were there. Scripture warns about what GOD THOUGHT about sacrificing diseased or lame animals...and all JEWS knew that. But if you just got off the boat from Tarshish...would you have a lamb or goat or ox for the sacrifice? OF COURSE NOT...
And to assist there brethern the PRIESTS and LEVITES set up the system where you could buy right at the TEMPLE. You came with local currency from home, no problem their either. In THEORY it is GOOD.

IN was MAFIA....

THE PRIESTS controlled who got a booth....for a price. THE PRIESTS took a cut from everyone. And they also set the price for everything, assuring their "PIECE OF THE ACTION". POLITICAL and CORPORATE CORRUPTION.


So i THE CHURCH taking care of THE WIDOWS and ORPHANS...sending out MISSIONARIES...MINISTERING in HOSPITALS and PRISONS...guarding THE LAMBS and SHEEP? Or is it a scam for a few to live well without actually having to work for a living.

Paul made tents.
Stephen Bening is an ACCOUNTANT.
Joe Cook is a PIPE FITTER.
Bob Neumann is a REGISTERED NURSE.
and i can go on...

think about it...

2006, february 13