02 Jun 2011 17:30
Ron Williams

Re: Bob Neumann: The Traditions Of Tithing

Bob's posting is just about a carbon copy of my attitude towards this
abomination called tithing.

Long ago when I assembled with the modern day stereotypical whore
church, the Lord started showing me the iniquity in this practice and
the teaching behind it. This teaching is nothing less than pure
manipulation emitting from America's pulpits enslaving the masses who
willingly and ignorantly give ear to it.

I've seen entrapped in this system married couples (barely above the
poverty level here in Hawaii) dumping in 10% of their income bi-weekly
plus "love offerings" in the church house coffers at the expense of
their children's clothing needs as well as their own. All of this done
by the continual prodding they get from the church leadership (hungry
wolves) that are allowed to spew the tithing doctrine. This same couple
I witnessed time after time laboring in prayer over the envelop
containing their money that was dumped into the offering plate expecting
some kind of near-term deliverance from their hardships. Why? Because
they were informed of a promise, a hidden key in the scriptures, that
they would receive it (financial miracle) via obedience to the
"Commandment to Tithe".

It sickened me greatly seeing this and yet I believed in the tithe. I
was confused. That was until I started praying and studying the issue
intently. The Lord couldn't reveal it to me previously through my heart
and mind so He used my eyes and stomach to get my heart and mind to pay

This was one of the first issues (along with church house incorporation,
a state-church) that caused me to dump the traditional local street
corner harlot.

I charge the Christian masses to look at their church house and honestly
confess that what they're involved in is what Christ died for and what
His apostles suffered greatly to establish. If you can answer with an
honest "YES" I futher encourage you to seek counseling from a man of God
to see if you might be greatly mistaken.

The way I see it, the modern day church movement is akin to drinking the
warm water of Laodicea.