02 Jun 2011 17:27
Randy McKee

Joshua 5:13-15 KJV " And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho,
that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, behold, there stood a man
over against him with his sword drawn in his hand: and Joshua went unto
him, and said unto him, Art thou for us, or for our adversaries? 14
And he said, Nay; but as captain of the host of the LORD am I now come.
And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship, and said unto
him, What saith my lord unto his servant? 15 And the captain of the
LORD'S host said unto Joshua, Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the
place whereon thou standest is holy. And Joshua did so."

Most people today believe God is on this side or that side; but in truth
God stands in His Own Truth. It is up to us to align ourselves with His
Truth and Plan.

Today many Christians discuss "Tithing" from the perspective of whether
it is for today or whether it has passed away.

The problem is that this animal, literally the beast that has been
created, that is called "Tithing" is not found in the New Testament and
is not even based on anything found in the Old Testament.

So first what is this "Tithing Beast" as it is taught today?

"Tithing" today is generally held by most Christians to be the giving of
a Tithe, which is a 10% offering of the increase of everything that a
Christian receives. This "Tithe" is to be paid by everyone on every
increase and this offering is to be made at regular intervals as the
believer receives the increase. This amount is to be then paid to the
local storehouse, which every Church Body or Organization interprets as

The problem with this assumes the thing we have today called "Tithing"
is the based on the Old Testament Laws concerning Tithing.

The truth is, is that this "Tithing Beast" as it is taught and
understood by believers today in NO WAY resembles the Tithing spoke of
in scripture and it's roots are not Scriptural or even Hebraic, but
Babylonian! So, there can be no discussion of whether the "tithing" of
today has passed away from the Old Covenant as it in no way comes from
the teaching of the Old Testament.


The Tithe was only paid on AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS and only one time!

If I raised apples, I would have paid a tithe on them, but only me. Not
the person who bought them from me and made pies. Jesus never paid a
tithe because He was a Carpenter/Mason, as neither did the Disciples who
were mostly Fisherman. The single mom working as a secretary would have
never paid a "Tithe".

Also the tithe was then to be spent by the person to help finance them
on their three annual trips to Jerusalem. They were to eat their tithes
before the Lord there. They could even buy strong drink with their
tithes! Anything they had left over was to be given as a heave offering
to the Lord, so the Priests could share in it. But the Priests lived
off the Sin offerings, not the small heave offerings.

A percentage tax, a "Tithe" of every thing at every level is not
Scriptural, but comes from Babylonian Law and Practice!

Now, if you do not know this already, there is a raging war underway
between the "harlot church" and God's true Remnant.

God has brought this issue of "Tithing" forward as a "Razor" to force
Leadership to move to one side or the other. If you read all the
scriptures concerning "Tithing" with eyes to see and ears to hear, you
cannot justify the false teaching of "Tithing" unless you allow idols
into your heart. So the choice to leadership is to repent of
"tithing", or to harden themselves and to continue to teach the lie.

If you are in leadership or have been in leadership and have taught
"Tithing", participated in gathering "Tithes" or have received "Tithes",
you must publicly repent of this unscriptural harlotic activity. Most
in leadership will not repent, as their greed will cause them to
continue to preach this harlot's song of tithing as they see their
livelihoods depend on it.

This is one of the "Razors" that the Lord is using to separate the true
Shepards from the false.

Psalms 139:21-22 KJV "Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and
am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? 22 I hate them
with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies."

I must say I absolutely hate the harlot church. I understand how David
could say he had "prefect hatred!" And this anger is from the throne
and is coming forth upon the neck of the harlot. I literally do not
have words to speak of the anger I feel from the Lord against the whore.

God is calling for those that will stand with Him against the harlot.
And understand you will probably stand alone. Your friends, family and
most certainly those believers around you, will stand with the harlot.
And we won't even consider virtually all those in leadership that have
sold their inheritance for a bowl of soup! And a foul tasting one it

But, remember: 1 Samuel 14:6 KJV "And Jonathan said to the young man
that bare his armour, Come, and let us go over unto the garrison of
these uncircumcised: it may be that the LORD will work for us: for there
is no restraint to the LORD to save by many or by few."

And as Job said: Job 13:15a KJV " Though he slay me, yet will I trust in

If you have taught others the "Tithing Beast", repent publicly and teach
true giving. You are not your own, you are bought with a price!

Ask the Lord for opportunities to come against the harlot, and draw the
Sword which is the Word of God, and He will faithfully set you before a
Goliath. There are very few David's, so just say here I am Lord and let
Him pick your battles.

So few will take this challenge to stand alone, against the harlot
church, that if you do, you will walk in a fullness and power that few
have seen!

Just one last thing; most of the harlot church, think they are of the
remnant. Prize His Truth over your perception.

Lord, if there be any wicked way in me . . .

Seek Him who was, and is and shall forever be!